Employer Services

Our provision is structured around four key services that businesses have told us they need from a skills development partner.

Innovion can help you to:

  • Attract new talent into your business
  • Train and develop new or existing employees to maximise productivity
  • Retain talent through high-quality progression opportunities
  • Sustain your organisation by supporting long-term success

Attracting talent

At Innovion we know that a company’s workforce is its most valuable asset and attracting the right talent is a key success factor.  

We therefore support our client members in recruiting and selecting the best and most suitable talent for their business. From advertising and promoting your apprenticeship vacancies through to shortlisting applicants and arranging interviews, our recruitment team can support you throughout the process.

Training your current and future workforce

At Innovion we provide a range of high-quality, technical apprenticeship programmes to help you develop highly effective and productive employees who can support organisational aims and ambitions.

Our progammes are co-designed by you, the employer, to create a truly contextualised offer, and delivery models are flexible and tailored. Our university partnerships enable us to support your training needs from advanced to graduate level, while injecting the latest industry research, practice and innovation into our broader skills offer.

Retaining and developing a productive workforce

Retaining talent is as important as attracting it, and one way to do this is by investing in professional development. Employees thrive when they feel valued and can make a positive contribution to the business. And enabling them to grow their skills and capabilities also means your business stays competitive.

We therefore work with you to create the right mix of continuing professional development opportunities, from short courses to substantive programmes such as Higher National Certificates and Diplomas.

Our close relationship with a variety of professional bodies such as IET, iMechE, BCS, and CISCO also supports ongoing learning and development, enabling your employees to access a range of subject talks and networking activities.

Sustaining your workforce and that of your supply chain

Our Sector Sustainability Service is ideal for larger organizations that have a sizeable apprenticeship levy and rely on an effective supply chain.

We can help you maximise your levy to support the short, medium and longer term needs of your organization and sector, including via transfer of funds to your supply chain where appropriate.

This service makes effective use of a levy pot that would otherwise be returned to HMRC if left unspent, whilst increasing the talent pool and skills within your own workforce and that of your supply chain.

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