Supporting career progression

As a specialist provider of technical education and skills, Innovion is committed to providing ladders of progression that will enable businesses to support their employees throughout their engineering career.

Attending university to achieve a degree used to be a requirement to reach Chartered Engineer status, but now individuals can move from technician to Chartered Engineer via the apprenticeship route.

Our apprenticeship programmes start at level 3 and go through to degree level. They are complemented by a CPD offer that enhances specific skills and competencies.

Technician Level 3
  • Mechatronics
  • Engineering Fitter
Senior Technician Level 4/5
  • Engineering Manufacturing Technician
Engineer Level 6/7 (degree)
  • Manufacturing Engineer (in development)

Innovion is currently working with its founder members and wider employer partners to expand our programme offer further and ensure we have the right range and mix of programmes to serve a modern industrial environment.

Innovion is working with top university partners to develop its degree apprenticeship offer. The first of these programmes is likely to be operational in 2021.

Programmes currently in development include:

  • Machining (level 3)
  • Product Design and Development (levels 3 & 6)
  • Systems Automation and Controls (level 4)
  • Software Development (levels 3 & 4)
  • Network Infrastructure and Systems Development (level 4)
  • Data Analytics (level 4)
  • Digital Solutions (level 6)
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