Aircraft Maintenance Fitter / Technician

Programme overview:

Aircraft maintenance technicians work on maintaining aircraft of all types, from small aeroplanes to airliners, jet fighters and helicopters, both civil and military.

You’ll carry out approved maintenance processes to maintain the airworthiness of the aircraft. This involves highly skilled, complex and specialist work, maintaining aircraft systems according to approved requirements and work instructions, using relevant hand tools and equipment.

You’ll need to comply with civil and/or military regulatory and organisational requirements, and ensure that on completion of a task all aircraft documentation is accurately filled in.

Key learning outcomes:

Specific specialist knowledge

  • Understanding mathematical techniques, formula and calculation applied in an aircraft maintenance environment.
  • Understanding the structure, properties and characteristics of materials used in the construction, maintenance and repair of aircraft components, whole structures and sub-assemblies
  • Understanding the fundamentals of electrical, electronic, digital, analogue, aircraft systems and maintenance practices

Specific Specialist Skills:

  • Reading and interpreting relevant data and documentation used to maintain aircraft components and systems
  • Selecting and using the correct hand and mechanical tools and equipment while carrying out maintenance of aircraft
  • Applying human factors in aviation – attitudes and behaviours to ensure aviation safety
  • Using mechanical and electrical measuring and or test equipment while carrying out aircraft maintenance activities
  • Carrying out aircraft functional checks and fault diagnosis e.g. electrical bonding and earthing; flight control rigging
  • Using ground support equipment

Plus two of the following:

  • Identifying, controlling, repairing and preventing damage, fatigue and corrosion of aircraft components
  • Maintaining power-plant (piston or turbine engines), propellers or rotors
  • Using the correct bonding and assembly techniques e.g. in composite assembly
  • Measuring and marking out materials to carry out precision repairs to aircraft
  • Carrying out precision drilling and finishing of holes in aircraft assemblies
  • Identifying and installing mechanical fasteners
  • Using sealing and jointing techniques
  • Assembling, repairing and replacing pipe work for aircraft and engine systems
  • inspecting, repairing, removing and replacing aircraft structures, components, sub-assemblies and systems
  • Undertaking aircraft flight-line handling and operations
  • Carrying out testing and diagnostic activities on components, sub–assemblies or whole systems, making adjustments/rectifications where applicable
  • Maintaining aerospace components, sub–assemblies or whole systems as required
  • Undertaking aircraft role configuration activities/requirements

Qualifications and certification:

Mandatory qualifications for this programme are:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Aerospace and Aviation Engineering (Foundation Competence)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Maintenance (Development Competence)
  • EASA Aircraft Maintenance Licence Category A, Part 66 modules through an approved Part 147 Training Organisation